Massage Necessities 

The absolute minimum you need to perform a professional massage. Below you'll find a step-by-step guide of how to set up a professional massage table... Body Whisperer style.  




Step 1 - Massage Table  

Body Whisperer uses and recommends a wooden massage table over aluminium.   




Step 2 - Padding  

Client comfort is key, a thick, plush and cushy underlay on your massage table is a must!




Step 3 - Warmth

An absolute must in winter if you live in a cooler climate. A great thing about an electric blanket on the table is you won't need to blast heaters in the treatment room to keep the client warm meaning you won't overheat while working! Body Whisperer tip...turn the room heater on 5 or so minutes before finishing to heat the room a little before the client gets off the table as well as ensure the client enters a warm and inviting room to undress in and then turn heating off for your comfort once they are on the warm massage table.   



Step 3 - Table Linen set   

For every client you see in a day you'll need
2 x sheets (or towels) and 1 x washable face cover. Body Whisperer tips...if using towels instead of sheets make sure they are the large towels called "bath sheets" and not the regular "bath towels" that will not cover your table completely, remember towels take longer to dry so sheets can be better. How many clients a day are you planning to see? Do you have washing facilities on site? If not, how long do you need to allow for washing? Example: Body Whisperer allows for 8 clients a day with no washing on site so washing every 3rd day = 24 sets required. 




Step 4 - Bolsters/Pillows   

You'll need 1 x bolster which will be used for under the ankles when the client is laying on their stomach. When turned over onto their back, the bolster will be positioned under the clients knees and you'll also require a separate neck pillow for this position.    




Step 4 - Therapist stool   

Round stools are fine when you're travelling backwards on them but to travel forwards which is often around a massage table, you need to take your hand off the client to hold onto the stool so it doesn't slip out from under you when you move. Don't waste your time with round stools, with saddle stools you can easily move around with the grip coming from your legs.    




Step 5 - Massage Oil   

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It literally eats everything you put on it. For this reason Body Whisperer only ever puts digestible oils on hers and her clients skin.


Placing the Raw, organic coconut oil jar in hot water (if solidified) until it melts and then pouring the liquefied oil into a massage bottle via a funnel. 




More oil options    

Some massage therapists prefer to use fracturnated coconut oil which has no smell and doesn't solidify in cooler temperatures meaning you wont need to melt your oil. 


Body Whisperer finds this oil to be too thin and less lubricating so you'll need to experiment with both to see which you prefer.      




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