a Proven, Step-By-Step Massage System for Two Friends to Relieve Each Other's Tension, Aches, Pains.

Massage Me, Massage You

The step-by-step massage system for two friends to relieve each other's tension, aches and pains.

Welcome to my innovative online course designed to get you and a partner/friend regularly massage exchanging with each other so that you can both enjoy massage on demand...when you want you like...and as often as you need it and experience real relief and real results like never before.   


I am Laura, professional and extremely in demand massage therapist based in Melbourne since 2007. In 2012 I also began travelling around Australia to teach my sort after techniques and treatment plans to other massage therapists as well as amateurs just looking to learn some high quality massage techniques to impress their partner, friends and/or family with. 

I created this online massage course for amateurs because...

Sometimes it would come up in conversation with my clients that I also taught and I had some husband and wife/boyfriend and girlfriend clients that jumped at the opportunity to book a few hours of one-on-one training so I could show them what they could be doing at home for each other in between sessions with me.


This was a win for everyone as it meant they needed to come in for less treatments with me, so it created space in my constantly bursting appointment book. As well as being an absolute game changer to their treatments as when I did treat them, their body responded much better and the relief and results they experienced from my treatment lasted longer as they were able to "top it up" at home.    

The other reason is because other people were contacting me wanting to learn how to massage like a professional but not necessarily wanting to work as a massage therapist. They wanted to learn for their partner, or to massage friends in their sporting club or group post workout or event, even parents wanting to learn for their children, the list goes on. These people couldn't find anything suitable for their needs as most massage training out there is for those wanting to become professional massage therapists or for those that already are.   

For dining tables: Simply lay pillows down the length of the surface you are using, cover pillows with a towel then roll a hand towel or bath mat up and place 1-2 inches above the first pillow. Your nose and mouth will rest between this little gap for airflow while your forehead will rest on the pillow.

Who is it for?

Serious Relief seekers 

This is a premium course for high quality serious relief seekers! This means that both of you regularly suffer tension, aches and pains in the upper back, shoulders and neck and/or lower back hips and buttock and are invested and committed to providing each other with regular relief via giving and receiving regular massage exchanges with each other. Receiving regular massage, at least once a fortnight (but weekly is better) can transform your body and mind, you won't know yourselves! 


You will need either a professional massage table or a DIY "massage table" option such as a suitable bed, "L" shape couch, dinning table, kitchen bench or coffee table. You'll receive instructions on how to transform one of these into a super easy and comfortable DIY "massage table". My partner and I massage each other using DIY options instead of getting out the massage table as we find the DIY options are more comfortable than a professional massage table. Please note the floor is not an option.  


Massage Me, Massage You is an online course for two people to learn how to massage each other's tension aches and pains on demand. The techniques you will learn are NOT at all sexual and are NOT geared towards a sensual massage for couples. It's real relief and real results exactly as I do for my professional massage clients so you don't have to have a partner. Any two friends can learn...I have even taught a mother/daughter duo! 

Some shameless love

Leigh Hiscook, Adelaide 

"Thanks again teacher, I am still very excited and I got much much more out of your classes and method of massage than I anticipated. You are truly an amazing person. A M A Z I N G!!!"

Kerry Collins, Melbourne

"Amazing techniques that get right into the areas that massage is meant. Amazing and simple techniques that Laura teaches".

John Marshall, Brisbane

"Really enjoyed the training, wife says I have picked up some great new techniques".

What exactly is it?

48 Step-by-Step eTutorials  

Each 2-8 mins long. Chock full of all the relaxation & deep tissue techniques, tips, tricks and professional secrets you need to provide relief to each other's upper back, shoulders & neck and lower back, hips and buttock.

5 Bonus Must Have Goodies 

Containing follow along eVideos to provide a relaxation and/or deep tissue massage to these areas. Along with regular Q&A, Accountability and Coaching session via Zoom. 


To creating a super easy and comfortable DIY massage table option at home along with a buyers guide for those that don't have a DIY option and need to invest in a professional massage table  


Full access within 24 hours of enrolment. Login 24/7. Forever access to content. Literally step-by-step, nothing is left out. Same day email response (within business hours). 


A new interest or hobby to enjoy exploring  


New skills to practice and master


The regular relief from tension, aches & pains.


A reduction in stress and improved sleep

The kitchen bench is a great option if the person giving is tall and the person receiving is of a small build and therefore not too high when they are laying on the pillows. You could play around with very thin pillows or even a camp mat to create a comfortable height for the person giving. 

Detail of bonuses...


A 17 minute follow along Advanced Swedish Massage eVideo to provide relaxation to the upper back, shoulders & neck.


A 49 minute follow along Specialised Deep Tissue Massage eVideo to provide relief to the upper back, shoulders & neck.


A 21 minute follow along Advanced Swedish Massage eVideo to provide relaxation to the back, hips & buttock.


A 41 minute follow along Specialised Deep Tissue Massage eVideo to provide relief to the back, hips & buttock.


Regular Q&A, Accountability & Coaching sessions via Zoom - 
Nothing worse than signing up for an online course then find yourself on your own! Get your questions 
answered on all things relief from tension, aches and pains.    

Nothing I share with you is theory or "might" work

This is exactly how I have treated my clients for 13 years which has lead me to become a very successful and fully booked massage therapist in addition to teaching my sort after techniques and treatments plans to other massage therapists and body workers for the past 8 years. 


You do not need any experience, you do not need to be strong, nor do you need to worry about sore hands. My techniques utilise proper body mechanics allowing for considerable ease on the person giving. I regularly perform up to 10 hours of massage a day with these exact same techniques and have tripled the average career length of massage therapists that usually have to retire from the table after only a few short years due to injury. 

I am excited to share these incredible techniques with you. I’ll have you mastering massage like a professional, relieving each other's tension, aches and pains in the back, shoulders, neck, lower back, hips and buttock and improving each other's quality of life one massage exchange at a time.

You can even get creative and if you have two surfaces of similar height, you can push them together to create a longer "massage table". Here is an example of a coffee table pushed together with a couch and then pillows laid down the length of the coffee table and couch. 

How often do you suffer...? 

with tension, aches and pains in the upper back, shoulders, neck and/or lower back, hips, buttock?

How often do you need...?

some relief to your upper back, shoulders, neck and/or lower back, hips, buttock? Daily...weekly...

How much money do you spend...? 

each year on seeing a massage therapist, myotherapist, physio, 
osteopath and/or chiropractor for relief to these areas?

How much time do you spend...? 

in and out of these appointments, travelling to/from them and organising (as well as rescheduling) these appointments. 

For the price of just 10 x 1 hour massages with me (5 each), you can have forever access whenever you need, to recordings of me showing your massage mate exactly what to do to relieve these areas for you and you for them.  

Other options are "L" shaped couches and beds. Watch the above 6 minute video for more ideas. 

VIP Launch - 50% off   

Massage Me, Massage You online massage course for two people.

For serious regular relief seekers that want to make the ultimate investment, check out Gumtree, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace for inexpensive secondhand options. Above is a brand new, inexpensive, high quality and comfortable Aldi massage table. Approx $100-150 AUD. 

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