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Specialist Massage Therapy Clinic

Body Whisperer Therapies is a specialist massage therapy clinic with almost 10 years in the industry as a very busy and popular therapist, you're certainly in excellent hands with Laura!

With massage clinics popping up on every corner and various massage schools pumping though huge volumes of students, Laura knows how hard it can be to find quality massage therapists.

Laura is passionate about the massage industry; she keeps up to date with the latest and best techniques and information and provide the best treatment plans in the market.

For the last four years Laura has been aiming to improve the massage industry one therapist at a time by sharing her wealth of knowledge, skills and techniques through group courses, massage lessons, technique coaching and business coaching to both professionals and amateurs.

One-on-one Massage Courses (no experience necessary)

Setting you apart from the rest and improving the massage industry one therapist at a time.

Come and discover the power of learning the hugely popular and highly sort after Body Whisperer "way" privately... Just you and your teacher mastering the techniques to the highest standard... Professionals watch your appointment books flourish and amateurs enjoy becoming very popular amongst family and friends.

In a group course, unfortunately you get lost in the crowd. There is usually another 8, 10, even up to 20 people in some group courses that are competing for the teachers attention. While the teacher would love to be able to give their undivided attention to you to make sure you are fully mastering everything it's just not possible for them to be in two places at once. Laura has been training one-on-one since 2012 and watching student's treatments and appointment books transform.

Whether you just want to learn massage to treat friends and family at home or in your sports club or group, or you’re a professional looking to enhance your skills and gain CPE points, or you are considering a career change and not sure if you’ll be good at, or even like massaging... come learn from one of Melb’s busiest and most popular therapists! These massage courses are ideal for anyone wanting to learn treatments of the highest standard.

Laura offers affordable and next level One-On-One Massage Courses in:

  • Specialised Deep Tissue Massage here

  • Advanced Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage here

  • Modernised Indian Head Massage here

  • Foot and/or Hand Massage email

  • Pregnancy Massage email

Signature Specialised Deep Tissue Massage

Setting Laura apart from the rest

Is this unique form of deep tissue massage that can be summed up into five words perfectly…incredibly slow, thorough, intense and powerful!

Practiced since 2006, this self-developed massage style has been slowly perfected throughout the years, and is not taught at any massage school. The signature deep tissue massage was originally developed for elite sports people, but has now been modified and perfected to also treat tradespeople and desk workers. Most common injuries can also be treated by this massage.

Being of an “intense” nature the deepness and thoroughness is like nothing else you may have experienced and although discomfort can be felt during the session, it is extremely effective in treating conditions where other therapists have failed. I work in a slow and nurturing way which can be quite relaxing despite the deepness that is used.

Laura has been successful in healing people that have been suffering for a long time and unnecessarily putting up with their pain and restriction.

Often described as "The best massage I have ever had!" Come and see what all the fuss is about!

Massage Menu Includes:

  • Specialised Deep Tissue Massage
  • Remedial and Sports Massage
  • Advanced Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
  • Modernised Indian Head/Scalp Massage
  • Foot Reflexology